sit-stand height adjustable desktop workstation

Most office jobs require you to sit at a desk between 9 and 5, often subjecting your back to an uncomfortable chair that does not properly support it or getting neck pain because your monitor is too low or too high. This is just one of a few potential health problems that you might encounter in an office. Fortunately, with a FlexiSpot sit-stand workstation, you can completely transform the way you work at your computer and say goodbye to these problems.

Getting the proper workstation ergonomics is crucial if you want to be able to work a typical desk office job, where you are required to be in front of a computer screen for several hours, with very little break in between for lunch or coffee. In fact, this is one of the top reasons for injuries suffered by office employees, right after tripping, lifting heavy objects or falling.

15 Levels of Height Adjustment to Choose From and Enjoy Your Workstation

With a FlexiSpot sit-stand workstation, you get a much more comfortable work post where you won’t have to put your back to so much trouble. Simply adjust the height of your workstation as it fits you to one of 15 height adjustment levels that FlexiSpot’s workstation offers and you can enjoy your work once again.

The sit-stand workstation also comes with a gas spring for smooth and even support for any height and its advances safety design severely limits the possibility of any injury you might incur when adjusting the FlexiSpot sit-stand workstation.

What FlexiSpot Sit-Stand Workstation Options are Available?

There are currently three FlexiSpot sit-stand workstations available for sale – M1, M2 and M3. All come in black, white and coffee colors.

The M1 sit-stand workstation has the greatest loading capacity (how much weight you can put on it) of 20kg (44lbs) and allows you to adjust its height between 150 and 500mm or between 6 and 20 inches. The M1 workstation is also 1190mm wide and 580mm deep (46.9 inches with 22.8 inches).

The M2 FlexiSpot sit-stand workstation has the same height adjustment as M1 (150-500mm), but with a slightly smaller loading capacity of 18kg (39.6 inches) and width-depth of 890-580mm (35 inches and 22.8 inches).

Finally, the M3 sit-stand workstation is the smallest one available at FlexiSpot and is suitable for 10-inch laptops. This workstation has a loading capacity of 15 kilos (33lbs), 680mm width and 580mm depth (26.8 and 22.8 inches). You can adjust it to the same height (150 to 500mm or 6 to 20 inches) as the other two workstations.

Compatible With FlexiSpot D5 and D7 Monitor Mounts, Requires No Assembly

In addition, since FlexiSpot sit-stand workstation is compatible with both D5 and D7 monitor mounts, this will provide independent screen adjustment for your desktop or laptop computer.

For easy and stable movement, there are control levers on each side of the workstation, which you can move up or down and stay within the footprint of your desktop.

Finally, this incredibly sturdy and stable platform requires zero assembly. All you have to do is place the unit on your desk and you can start working immediately.

With FlexiSpot sit-stand workstation, you can turn your drab desktop job into a healthy and pain-free place of work for your neck, shoulders, back and wrists. In addition, this easily adjustable workstation will also allow you to be much more productive, while working in an injury-free environment. In other words, whether you are sitting or standing, the FlexiSpot sit-stand workstation is a pure win.

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