Published on 9 January 2017

FlexiSpot’s height adjustable desk riser works for use with your existing workstation by converting a fixed desk into a much healthier sit-stand workstation. It comes very well packaged in a tri-wall cardboard carton within which sits a custom designed polystyrene foam liner. It’s pretty much pre-assembled, the only part for assembling is the keyboard tray.


                                                                                        Contents of the FlexiSpot box

So much for what’s in the box, let us look at who can make use of this desk riser.

Who will it suit?

Well to start with anyone who plans to work both sitting and standing that doesn’t want to replace their desk will find it offers an excellent way to gain more flexibility at work. After all, if it is easy to convert what you already have to something more flexible, then why not?

And where space is at a premium the compact footprint of the FlexiSpot could well be the answer, not to mention the cost saving as you’re only buying what you need.

Let’s move on to some of its handy features.

What makes it different?

The sturdy frame on this adjustable desk, all the steel components are 1/8” thick material, means it doesn’t need to be fixed down to your desk. Even when fully loaded and extended it’s very rigid with negligible sway or movement, at the top.

Although the keyboard surface doesn’t move it is readily removable by just loosening two knobs on each side and then unhooking it. And so gives the user the option to set up the desk with the keyboard either flush with the desk edge or overhanging similar to a desk mounted keyboard tray.


                                                                            FlexiSpot lowered for use when sitting

The latter could be useful if you like to stand and read or write notes.

Lifting up an adjustment lever on each side allows smooth release and engagement of the top locking device to raise and lower the worktop rapidly. The handles operate a pair of cable release mechanisms enabling the gas lift struts to do all the heavy lifting for you.


                                                                  FlexiSpot raised for working while standing

It can handle a good range of alternative configurations including twin screens, laptop and monitor together or separately, freestanding screen or computer as well as screen arms both single and double.

Lastly, the front edge of the top has a useful slot for placing tablets and phones into so they can be held vertically while being used.

All in all, it’s a very simple design with no complex components.

Time to consider the design details and options.

Technical details

The FlexiSpot desk riser comes in two sizes, a 35″ version and a smaller 27″ unit.

Here are the physical dimensions of the two risers:

35-inch model

  • Top 35″ wide by 23.2″ deep
  • Keyboard platform 35″ wide by 7.9″ front to back at the ends opening up into a 12.2″ deep recessed section in the middle underneath the top. This broader section is 25″ wide where a keyboard could be placed to free up the front if required.
  • Height adjustability is between 5.9″ when fully lowered up to 19.7″ at full height.

27-inch model

  • Top 27″ wide by 23.2″ deep
  • Keyboard platform 27″ wide by 7.9″ across at the ends and a 12.2″ deep recessed section in the middle which is 17″ wide.
  • Height adjustment as the larger unit.

Both come in either black or white faced medium-density fiberboard, which meets the high standards of the CARB (California Air Resources Board) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) requirements. Ensuring there are no harmful chemicals and that it is an environmentally friendly material.

FlexiSpot uses a scissor lift mechanism, constructed from 1/8″ thick steel supports to raise and lower the worktop. A pair of gas lift struts controls the scissor action, one on each side to balance the load being lifted or lowered. Generally speaking, once you load the top with your equipment, it will require more effort by the user to raise the platform and less to lower it.

Thanks to the design the desk changes height within its footprint, so nothing is encroaching beyond its top or keyboard tray.

There are 12 different height level positions each being incrementally just over an inch different, making it easy to find the ideal working height.

The unit is designed to support 35lbs safely. Lab tests include over 6,000 raise lower operations. We tested the smaller version with a 27″ iMac on a Humanscale M8 arm which must be close to the load capacity. It was very stable in use, considering the M8 was to one side. When using a monitor arm you might need to offset the mounting point depending on the way, the arm adjusts to get you screen centered with the worktop.


Both models are covered by a 5-year warranty which seems fair; it should last a good bit longer.

Overall opinion

This desk riser is solidly built and very easy to use, simply gripping and raising the two release handles places the top quickly where you want it.

Earlier criticisms of screws falling out of the keyboard platform fixing points look to be ironed out. These fixing points are pre-drilled and now fitted with hard white nylon inserts, provided the eight screws are screwed in squarely there should be no issues with loose fixings.

Overall, FlexiSpot looks feels and operates like a quality product and anyone who wants to quickly and easily change a fixed desk to a standing and sitting desk should find one of the models will work well for them.

Where to buy online

You can buy either the 35″ FlexiSpot or 27″ model direct from the manufacturer and free shipping is included to mainland US. For the moment Amazon handles sales in Canada and the UK.

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