The Financial Trader Room

According to Chinese Medical Doctor Association HMO| China Hospital Association MTA| Ciming medical group three party joint report: financial professionals daily sitting time average of up to 12 hours, up to 34% groups of cervical spondylosis patients. Ergonomic support with … Read More


Review of FlexiSpot Height Adjustable Desk Riser

Published on 9 January 2017 FlexiSpot’s height adjustable desk riser works for use with your existing workstation by converting a fixed desk into a much healthier sit-stand workstation. It comes very well packaged in a tri-wall cardboard carton within which … Read More


Mounting Your Sit-stand Workstation by Flexispot M2-35”

Recently I reveived a  Flexispot Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk M2-35″ model, for my workstation, which retails for $330US. The Flexispot M2 (shortened to M2 for the remainder of this review) is meant to convert a standard table or desk to … Read More


The Surprising Health Benefits of Using a Standing Desk When You Work from Home [GIVEAWAY]

We hear it time and time again — A big factor in health is how active we are. Generally, those of us who regularly exercise tend to reap the greatest health benefits from our active ways. Since I work from … Read More

FlexiSpot is Now Offering 60-Day No-Obligation Trials on All Sit-Stand Desktop Risers

Modern studies increasingly indicate the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle. FlexiSpot, a trusted name in sit-stand desktop solutions for business professionals announces the launch of its 60-day free trial program for the company’s desktop riser products, which make it … Read More

NewsWatch: FlexiSpot – Ergonomic Adjustable Desk

Tech Report Studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time, especially in an 8-hour work day, isn’t good for you. FlexiSpot offers ergonomically sound solutions to a sitting and standing work environment. The FlexiSpot Desktop Workstation offers an … Read More


Business Insider: This is one of the most elegant ways we’ve seen to turn a regular desk into a standing desk

Sitting at your desk for 40 hours a week can wreak havoc on your health. A lack of physical activity is linked to obesity, several types of cancer, and even a shorter life. One of the easiest ways to add more physical … Read More

TechExamined: Sit or Stand! FlexiSpot Standing Desk Review

Flexispot – Standing Desk Riser by swashin

Flexispot is an adjustable-height desk that allows you to convert your current desk into a sit stand desk!


How can sit-stand desks help with arthritis? By Chronicbodypain

As challenging as your responsibilities may be at work, arthritis can diminish your productivity. Sitting for long periods is not ideal for individuals facing this disease, since regular movement is necessary to keep the joints limber and mobile, thereby minimizing … Read More