Mounting Your Sit-stand Workstation by Flexispot M2-35”

Recently I reveived a  Flexispot Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk M2-35″ model, for my workstation, which retails for $330US. The Flexispot M2 (shortened to M2 for the remainder of this review) is meant to convert a standard table or desk to … Read More

FlexiSpot is Now Offering 60-Day No-Obligation Trials on All Sit-Stand Desktop Risers

Modern studies increasingly indicate the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle. FlexiSpot, a trusted name in sit-stand desktop solutions for business professionals announces the launch of its 60-day free trial program for the company’s desktop riser products, which make it … Read More

Flexispot – Standing Desk Riser by swashin

Flexispot is an adjustable-height desk that allows you to convert your current desk into a sit stand desk!