Product Knowledge

  • UL: American Standard
    The organization was founded 115 years ago, serves clients in over 99 countries and provides the UL standard approval. The organization estimates over 19,000 types of products, components, materials and systems. Its goal: work safer. This stamp is an international standard leading sectors among a range of strategic business consulting services, inspections, and expert opinions, as well as certification and training.
  • European Standard
    The organization was founded 140 years ago, and provides the TUV standard. This approval stamp is a leading international institution for strategic business sectors such as industrial, communications, and people. Among a variety of consulting services, inspections, and expert opinions, as well as certification and training. The goals of the organization are: reliability, safety protection of the environment, and cost effectiveness.
  • Quality Standards
    ISO - International Standard Organization, is an international organization located in Switzerland, representing over 160 countries, whose main goal is to ensure uniform quality assurance for all member countries. The organization exists for many years with representation in Israel by the Israel Standards Institute.
    The institute mainly ensures for quality products - a product which carries this standard is a product which answers at least basic quality conditions.
    The ISO organization specializes in general standards, with the most important being: ISO 9000 - 2000 Quality Management for products and services. With ISO 14000 concerning Environmental Management.
    The principles of quality management are the basis of an updated series of procedures including:
    customer focus.
    employee involvement.
    attitude towards procedures.
    attitude towards overall management.
    continuous improvement.
    decisions based on facts.
    treating suppliers on the basis of mutual benefits.
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