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Plasma & LCD Wall Mount Product Guide How to Select and Install a Wall Mount

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Question1:What is the difference between a Plasma and LCD TV?


Flat screen TVs are usually made from either LCD or plasma screens. Aside from the technological differences between LCDs and plasma TVs, LCD TVs generally have smaller screen sizes than plasma TVs. For example, LCD TVs usually have screen sizes ranging from 7 inches to around 42 inches (although new technological advances are allowing for much larger LCD TVs). Plasma TVs screens usually start at around 42 inches and can go up from there. When shopping for a mount, it is important to check the size and weight of your flat screen TV. You want to make sure that the mount you purchase can support the size and weight of your TV.

Question2:What are the various types of mounts that are available for


There are various types of mounts that are available for displaying your LCD or plasma TV. • Wall mounts – Mounts that are attached to the wall. • Ceiling Mounts – Mounts that are attached to a ceiling. • Tabletop/Desktop Mounts – Mounts that are installed on a desk or table. • Flip-Down Mounts – Mounts that are ideal for cabinets where you need the option to fold or retract your screen against the bottom surface of the cabinet to make room. • Plasma Lifts – Displays that conceal and reveal your screen within a stand or ceiling with the touch of a button.
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