Projector Screen

Full line of projector screens including portable, tripod, remote control,manual and others.
  • Super mobile screen

    This is a portable screen, with an aluminum alloy box with wheels , very easy to use and assembly. With both front & rear projection.
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  • Portable Table screen

    This mini screen can be put on the table, and very easy to handle, widely used for commercial negotiation.
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  • Tab-tension Screen With Remote Contr

    This screen is very suitable for home theatre. Noiseless, flexible, easily operated with the remote controller. High-quality aluminum alloy material, exquisite craftmanship. Each product has an aviation plug which is very convenient to use.
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  • Tripod Screen

    This screen is very easy to lift and handle. It has very solid and steady metal tripod, and smooth screen surface.
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  • Fixed Frame Screen

    Smooth cloth, high quality aluminum alloy material, and superior craftmanship, makes the image look like a beautiful painting on the wall.
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  • Motorized Screen

    You can operate it very conveniently with the remote controller. It is noiseless and flexible. It has certifications for ROHS, CE & UL, very safe and environmentally friendly.
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