AVS807 is a stunning solid veneer cabinet for LCD, Plasma, LED TVs up to 37''. Storage with drawers and IR-glass doors provides a range space compartments for audio-visual equipment, media discs and remote controls and keep your equipments dust-free. The practical consideration of cable management is available via the rear panel.

Optional Colour

  • Cherry
  • Red Walnut
  • Features
  • Specs
  • Tools need
  • Installation guide
  • Smooth action pull-out storage drawer and IR-glass doors level up your living confortablity
  • Heat emission hole at the back of the cabinet keeps your AV equipment works fluently
  • At the rear of the unit is a cable management hole to ensure the wires are kept tidy and clean
  • Marvelous appearance craftsmanship and optional color based on red walnut/cherry
  • Sturdy wood construction provides unwavering support

Product Specs

  • Model:AVS807
  • Tv size:up to 37"
  • Top shelf loading capacity:50kgs
  • Glass thinkness:6mm
  • Product dimension:900*400*465mm

Package Specs

  • Export carton:990*485*220mm
  • Gross/net weight:31.2/29.15
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