Loctek, becomes the focus of CES in Las Vegas
Jan 13, 2011
In the center exhibition area in the CES in Las Vegas, the exhibition halls of various TV brands are crowded with visitors and so do the TV peripherals halls among which Loctek Visual Technology Corp. , one of the top three TV mounts manufacturers across the world, is the most outstanding one. It is learnt from the Loctek sales that it has experienced several CES shows, and Loctek TV mounts also sell in overseas markets over 100 countries or regions. From the year 2009, Loctek started to develop home markets and their products can be found in over 300 big chain stores for household appliance like Suning and Bestbuy.
In CES 2011, Loctek introduces several new products with core technology, including the classic fixed TV wall mounts, large scale swivel TV mounts series for LED, besides, the newly developed TV cabinets and mobile carts, taking up 200 square meters of the exhibition hall.
As the highlight of the hall, large scale swivel mounts for LED is perfect combination of multi-purpose and extremely low profile, not only be popular for the multi-angles adjustment and angle-free tilting for wider range vision, but also amaze the customers for its extremely low profile, which is an innovation among the competitors. The light fashion style makes it the best choice for LED TV or monitors.
Integrated Audio&Video series integrates A&V components to bring consumers wonderful audio and video experience. According to Loctek sales, it will be a new trend of family A&V in the future, and it is also a clear indication that Loctek will enter the integrated Audio and Video furniture markets.
Throughout the visit, we can obviously find that Loctek is attracting more and more customers and Hi-Tech equipments lovers by most advanced technology concept and products.
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