Quality Culture

Loctek's quality culture achieved through the quality policy , which is"technological progress,scientific management and customer satisfaction."

Technological progress: only with advanced technology, the productivity can be increased. Decrease costs, and create better products, which will be competitive between world-class companies. Loctek spend 20 million on investing the mold center. About production equipment, Loctek has purchased Laser cutting machine, CNC punch machine, bending machine and continuous pressmachine, etc. About testing equipment, Loctek has purchased screw selecting machine, ROHS machine, drop testing machine, and various electronic testing equipment. Besides, Loctek's annual declaration for more than 30 patents, obtained patent demonstration enterprise title, and also bring in a large number of technical staff to augment the production, R&D, quality and other fields.

Scientific management: in order to maximize efficiency and competition ability, we need advanced equipment and scientific management. Loctek has been working in accordance with ISO9001 system , setting up UL, GS witnessed laboratory, also becomes VESA Member. Now,Loctek jointing universities in the drafting of industry standards of flat panel TV.

Customer Satisfaction: Loctek introduced a concept of integrated marketing, sale is not only the duty of sales department, but also other depts’ duty, all of them are required to serve and support customers.


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